“Side Jobs,” by: Jim Butcher – Review

Side Jobs

The Premise:

“Side Jobs” is a collection of short stories by Jim Butcher set in the universe and starring the characters of the Dresden Files book series. The Dresden Files is an urban fantasy series that takes many cues from detective noir, mystery, and high fantasy (especially in the later books). The stories follow Harry Dresden, professional wizard detective, in his efforts to make a paycheck while dealing with the challenges he faces from the seedy elements of Chicago’s mystical underbelly. These stories takes place between the books throughout the series, adding an extra window into Harry’s world while attempting to provide the thrills and humor fans of the series expect.

The Short of It:

Fans of The Dresden Files will find that this collection delivers exactly what they love from the main book series. They are all highly enjoyable except for one, which is still interesting in its own right. None of them are “essential” in that none of them really affect the events of the main series, but the insight into the side characters provides the emotional heft and value needed to make the collection feel just about as worthwhile as a main title entry. It is well worth a read for fans of the series.

The Long of It:

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