To the Moon: Holiday Special Minisodes 1 & 2 – Game Review


Review Format 1 - The Plot Spot

In the first minisode, it’s been a while since the events of “To the Moon,” and it’s Christmas time at Sigmund, the company where Neil and Eva work. They find themselves stuck there due to a large group of protesters outside their building.

TtM Mini_06

This bottle-episode trope provides some opportunities for various characters to interact with one another, delving a little into the morally and ethically questionable work of the company, as well as build interpersonal relationships while they wait for the protesters to disperse and the snowy weather to let up.

TtM Mini_05

In the second minisode, the protesters and snow are gone and it’s time for people to find their way home for their own Christmases, but things don’t quite work out as planned. This minisode explores the relationships of the main characters further, but more than that, it drops hints and mysterious sights that tantalize the player for the sequel.  

Review Format 2 - Target Audience

The target audience is pretty straightforward. This is directed at people who have already played “To the Moon” and can’t wait for the sequel. That being the case, they provide the same sorts of experiences that “To the Moon” provided. Players can expect some light humor, mystery and excellent characters built on the foundation of a science fiction premise. If that sounds good to you and you haven’t played “To the Moon” yet, then you should! For more information about that game, check out my review of “To the Moon” HERE.

Review Format 3 - The Short Take

“To the Moon’s” minisodes do a good job at continuing the character building for Neil and Eva that occurred during the first game. These two were not nearly as fleshed out as their patient in that game, and the future of the series will rely on expanding their characters, so this is a good first step in that direction. Not only that, but the hints and foreshadowing of things to come do a great job of whetting the appetite for the sequel without giving any secrets away.

That said, these minisodes truly live up to the “mini” part of their name. I would say that both of them require no more than a half-hour to finish, and neither of them had a real depth of content. There simply isn’t much to do but explore the environment, talk to everyone you can as many times as you can, and observe the short plot as it unfolds. It doesn’t cover much territory, as the events all happen in and around the Sigmund building, and it doesn’t answer any questions whatsoever.

TtM Mini_04

These minisodes feel like scenes from the beginning of the upcoming sequel that wouldn’t fit into the story well without destroying the pacing, so they split it off and offered it as a goodie for the fans. This not only allows FreeBird to tell this part of the story while upholding the artistry of their future game, but this also keeps fans invested. These story morsels are a nice way to keep “To the Moon” in mind until the sequel, which feels a time and forever away.

Even though the minisodes aren’t very meaty in terms of content, they are free. So, considering that low low price, “To the Moon’s” minisodes 1 & 2 are completely worth their short run-time.

4.0-4.5 Rating - I'll Take it!

If you want to know more about my rating systems, check out what each rating means HERE.

Review Format 4 - The Long Take

I’ll be honest, there isn’t a lot to comment on in long-form here. The graphics and music are basically the same. The characters are as likable as they were in “To the Moon.” The writing is just as strong.

Playing the minisodes was like smelling the familiar scents of a dish my mom cooked when I was a kid at home. Unfortunately, we still have to wait to get the full course meal. I need that sequel now, FreeBird!

Conclusion and Star Rating:

“To the Moon’s” minisodes 1 & 2 are “Great” little game segments.

4 Stars

Four out of Five Stars

Review Format 5 - Spoiler Talk

Even though there are “spoilers” in these minisodes, they aren’t the kind of spoilers that provide answers for anything, so it’s hard to know what to say. I feel like I would just sit here writing, “What does that mean!? Wait.. who was that!? Was that actually her or was it an afterimage? A mirage? What is Neil doing with the machine? Why does he keep calling his parents and not answering? Wait, is he in the machine or is Eva in the machine? Who turned off the power? GHAAAAAAAH!”

Well… I can talk about at least one thing…

I thought the fact that everyone came back to Sigmud to have Christmas with Neil was very sweet and heartwarming. There is nothing like family and friends letting you know you are loved at Christmas time!

Until next time!

               – Druidan


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